Monday, March 12, 2018

3D resolution test on the Form2

Here are some high-res photos of the 3D SLA test from Thingiverse (  These were printed on the Form Labs Form2 desktop SLA 3D printer.  The material is Tough V5.  The model on the left was printed with 0.1mm layers, and the one on the right with 0.05mm layers.  These models were printed directly on the bed of the printer in the orientation shown here (ie the wood tabletop is in the same position as the printer model base).

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Flashing Light Prize 2018 - Sunscreen, UV, and neon

A very unusual way to flash a neon lamp using sunscreen.

Aerolux lamps:

Good selection of gear motors at Jameco:

Awesome Keithly SourceMeter:

This video is a freebie for Patreon supporters, and I will donate any awards to a STEM education charity.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Glass engineering - designing and making photochromic glass

How to make small batches of specialty glass with minimal equipment.

Good overview glass engineering book from 1920 (how to choose ingredients) :

"5mW" *nudge-wink*   405nm laser pointer:

Alumina melting dish on eBay:

Source of kiln paper, mold release, molds, glass fusing supplies:

Paragon Quickfire kiln:

Case of 12 insulating fire bricks:

Graphite mold:

Relevant patents for photochromic recipes:

Applied Science on Patreon: